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Hello world!

Hello world!

Welcome to Blackbird’s new blog.

I recently attended a workshop where we studied how to update websites and blogs and the importance of having a blog. For me it’s a brand new experience hosting a blog. So much of what we do is confidential information that I couldn’t blog about, so it made me think about what I can write about that may be of interest to you the reader.

Let me know in the comments below what would you like to read about?

What is production management?

What is event management?

What is a tour manager?

Who books a festival?

What is a project manager?

What is a site manager?

let me know if anything like that is of interest, we could explore so many job titles and give you a little bit of inside as to what each job does so you can learn if its something you might like to do, or learn more about.

Until next time, Suzie

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Jenny Greene & the RTE Concert Orchestra

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