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About Us

Blackbird are a Dublin based company who produce and manage live events.

Blackbird is an innovative, imaginative company that enjoys a challenge and delivers.

We draw on years of experience to manage every aspect of your event from the creative brainstorming to the final format.

Suzie Shorten hails from a live music background and has worked on everything from large-scale multi stage music festivals to one off bespoke events.

While she support touring productions she also caters for international sports events, stately visits and intimate indoor concerts to name a few areas of expertise.

We have  access to a pool of highly-skilled professional freelancers and a host of excellent local and international suppliers.

We offer a diverse range of services, so let us use our excellent planning and organisational skills to help you.

We are experienced in working to deadlines and enjoy new challenges.

Blackbird is flexible – we can work independently for you as consultants and producers – or as part of your existing team.

We offer packages to suit all types of people with all kinds of budgets.

Using our expertise, you can benefit from our experience , and we can provide anything from a fully inclusive package to a specific part of your project . We can save you stress, time and money

We can help from concept to delivery.

Blackbird Events :

Suzie Shorten