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Event Management - Blackbird Events
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Event Management

We can provide a complete project management service.

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Venue recces are a big part of an initial project.

We provide a recce service to see if your event is viable and suitable to a venue you may be considering.

Even if you just want us to have a look and see if its suitable, we have the experience to be able to see things that you may not have noticed before thus saving you time and money further down the line…

Be it, a bespoke staff summer party, an international conference or a one off creative event. We have the know how to produce an event that suits your needs and budgets.


  • Entertainment sourcing and booking.
  • Venue recce and venue availability.
  • On-site décor and creative inputs.
  • Event production, including sourcing of every single item required.
  • Tent supply, power, lights, sound, props and furniture rental.
  • Set pieces.
  • Event photographers and photo booth experts.
  • Food options.
  • Cocktail and bar rentals.
  •  Event licences and associated court appearances.
  •  Contracts and administration.
  • Local production resource.
  • Event control and event safety.
  • Event safety equipment.
  • Accounts and budgets.