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Touring Production & Assistance - Blackbird Events
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Touring Production & Assistance

Our years of combined touring experience means that we are the perfect people to support you on your journey.

All kinds of packages can be arranged for you to suit your budget. Either sending a team of highly professional and suitable crew out on the road or our stay at home advancing team.

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Touring Production

  • Full production and logistical advance for touring bands and artist
  • Tour logistics, including technical equipment
  • Individual venue production advance / technical spec advance.
  • Venue liaison between artist production and promoter.
  • Sourcing production personnel – production managers, tour managers, sound crew, lighting crew, riggers, show designers, wardrobe, assistants.
  • Sourcing local runners.
  • Budget management, show settlement analysis, tickets sales, final tour accounting in multiple currency.
  • Guest list management.
  • Tour itineraries, tour accreditation and event signage.
  • Backline hire.
  • DJ equipment.


  • Band and crew travel logistics, daily scheduling of crew and band.
  • logistics locally and internationally.
  • VIP chauffeur service.
  • Private jet hire.

Other services

  • Show designs.
  • Permit acquisition.
  • Contract administration.
  • International carnet.
  • Pyrotechnics and associated licensing.
  • IEM associated licensing.
  • CAD drawings.