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Covid Compliance Officer and Covid marshals

Our years of combined touring experience means that we are the perfect people to support you on your journey.

All kinds of packages can be arranged for you to suit your budget.

Either sending out a team of highly professional and suitable crew out on the road or a stay at home team that means you save some money while on the road and yet gaining a full production service  – both come with a trouble shooting service and logistical help while you’re out there in touring world.

We work in all aspects of live event production, concerts and tours

Some of the areas include:

Full production and logistical advance for touring bands and artist

full tour logistics, including equipment

International carnet

Transport –  busses & trucks / splitter van hire.

Internal transport and daily scheduling of crew and band logistics locally and internationally.

Private jet and plane hire, band and crew flights and travel.

Hotels sourcing and management, liaising.

Budget management, show settlement analysis, tickets sales and guest list management and final tour accounting in multiple currency.

Production personnel –  Production managers, tour managers, sound crew, Lighting crew, riggers, show designers, wardrobe, assistants, caterers etc.

Local runners

Tour itineraries, input and printed and delivered to you.

Laminates , design and print and delivered to you.

Permit acquisition

Individual venue production advance / spec advance

CAD drawings

Show designs

Contract administration

We can provide a complete project management service.

We can work on behalf of the client to provide event management and production services

Venue recces are a big part of the initial project,

We provide a recce service to see if your event is viable and suitable to a venue you may be considering.

Even if you just want us to have a look and see if its suitable we have the experience to be able to see things that you may not have noticed before and there for saving you time and money further down the line…

Be it a bespoke staff summer party a international confrence or a one off event,

We have the know how to produce an event that suits your needs and budgets.

We may be able to source you a venue you may not have seen before.

As a service for events, we will take care of everything that is required.

Entertainment sourcing and booking

On-site décor and creative inputs

Venue recce and venue availability

Event control and event safety

Event production, including sourcing of every single item required.

From tent supply, power, lights, sound to props and furniture rental

Set pieces, food, drinks etc.

Event licences and court appearances.

Event photographers and photo booth experts

Event safety equipment

Accounts and budgets

Contracts and administration

Local production resource.

Style is everything, those first impressions when clients walk through the door, the general vibe of a room or the way a stage design can make you feel makes all the difference in having your cliental feel good about your event.

Be it a set design that you can tour with you or a bespoke element to your party that stands out.

We offer a range of packages and can assist with the following on your behalf:

For touring bands and artists:

Set designs, ideas and concepts

Lighting designs

CAD drawings and 3D renders

Set drawings

Drapes and backdrops

For events

Bespoke set pieces

Décor management

Sourcing vintage and obscure set pieces for your event

Lighting including architectural lighting.

Airstar sourcing

We can create a concept for your event that suits your client.

Call or e-mail us for more details.

The birthplace of Blackbird was at Festivals.

Having worked together for many years on Festival Production, Blackbird was created.

Every festival needs a strong and competent production team in order to make the event run smoothly.

A team of professionals to take the reins and make the festival work as efficiently as possible and will produce your event to the highest standard possible.

People who can actually deliver and that have years of experience doing so.

We can provide you with a wide range of services from

Full festival production or helping you with finding the right people for the right situation.

Over the years we have worked together on hundreds of large-scale events. Ranging from 5,000 to 130,000 people.

A small sample:

Open House Festival, Belfast

Witnness / Oxegen Festival

Phoenix Park concerts

Slane Castle

Marlay Park concerts

Lansdowne Road concerts

Croke Park concerts

Navigating through a global pandemic is challenging enough for any company or production. So you need a good team of experienced crew to guide you through the daily schedules.

We have worked on several productions during Covid and guided teams through filming safely.

Services include:

  • Covid protocols
  • Induction videos
  • Covid related risk assessments
  • Contract tracing
  • Managing PCR Testing and Temperature checks
  • Crew scheduling
  • Bubble / Pod Zoning
  • Crew welfare
  • PPE stock and ordering